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Sprites and Images

Page history last edited by gemstonehelix 11 years, 6 months ago

Sprites and images! The lifeblood of all AW comics! In case there is any confusion, you right-click an image, and select "save image as" to save it to your computer.


Here is the INFANTRIES page I use (Gemstonehelix):

Along with the all-mighty SPEECH BOX!!!! This one is different than the one on advancewarsnet.com, cause the speechboxes are stretched to fit a panel perfectly.

Must not forget the backgrounds! By now you've probably realized that these words are only to separate the pictures from each other.

And I had to scrounge up the rest of the backgrounds. Here they are!!!

WOW thats a big block of color! Heres some more sturms: (and some White Fudge units)

Orange Star!!! (these "nation" sprites are from my collection so they have some custom sprites)

Blue Moon!!!

Yellow Comet!!!

Green Earth!!!

And fan favorite, Black Hole!!!

These cover most of the basics you will need.


And some CO faces you may want (whenever there's green font it means Eaglecris wrote it...)




And altough a little outdated (but very usefull) an AW1 HUGE sheet...


And heres the AW letters that Eaglecris was kind enough to find for us!

And a CRUD LOAD of sprites!!! Sadly, I only found them for Orange Star.

And my miscelaneous page



Oh why not?

Comments (2)

OneCanOfSprite2K9 said

at 3:56 pm on Aug 31, 2009

-Onecanofsprite2k9's Comic skills leveled up!-
seriously, these sheets are AWESOME.

cody howard said

at 6:12 pm on Sep 22, 2009

OMG gemstone you have outdone your self yet again

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