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Sounds and Music

Page history last edited by gemstonehelix 11 years, 6 months ago

All sounds (as of when this was made) were made by Gemstonehelix. Theres not much left, so I doubt that will change, unless someone gets some of the sounds better. Very likely.



Even though it's called "aa+firing" it's still all in there.


MUSIC= I hate doing this to you guys, but we'll have to conserve space on the site by linking you to advancewarsnet.com, where the acctual songs are.


DoR music= advancewarsnet.com/files/awdor/aud/00%20-%20AWDoR%20Tunes%20Zip.zip


AWDS music= http://advancewarsnet.com/?g=awds&m=aud (there was no "download all" link)


Black Hole Rising (AW2)= advancewarsnet.com/files/aw2/aud/00%20Entire%20Soundtrack.zip


Advance Wars (original)= http://advancewarsnet.com/?g=aw&m=aud

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